Keeping Cool at Your Camp

You take a summer weekend trip to your camp out in the woods, but because it’s so hot you really aren’t enjoying your sojourn with nature as much as you could. If you’re finding your home away from home isn’t quite as comfortable as it could be now is a great time to take a look at your camp’s insulation.

While insulation is a regular concern in year-round homes, those seasonal dwellings often get forgotten when it comes to making sure they also have proper layers of insulating material. Maybe you figure since you don’t use it in the winter, and you are careful to drain all the water from your pipes before you leave for the final time in the fall, insulation really isn’t a necessity.

OK, maybe it doesn’t rank high on the list of the necessities of life, and food, clothing and water won’t be challenged, but the fourth top need in life is shelter — and a comfortable shelter is certainly a bonus.

Sure, it’s summertime and many people don’t consider their insulation until it’s cold. But as we’ve already seen the same insulation in your walls, attics and crawl spaces keeping you warm through the winter will also keep you cool in the summer. If you have electric service running to the camp you’ll also save money by being able to keep cool with less power drain from your fans or, if so equipped, your air conditioning.

It doesn’t matter what kind of insulation you choose – fiberglass, blown-in cellulose, foam – you’ll stay more comfortable year-round. Your Standard experienced professionals will be able to give you expert advice to make sure your camp is insulated to the best level of protection from the elements it can be. Who knows — you might even be able to sneak away to your summer home a little more often in the winter once you have it insulated.

You’ll find the proper insulation will make you a happy camper out there in the woods.

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