Crawl Space Insulation in Syracuse, NY

If you have a ranch-style or modular home in Syracuse, NY with a crawl space underneath, you probably think you have to live with cold floors, rodent intrusions or energy loss. Crawl spaces that aren’t properly sealed can allow contaminated air, gases, mold and vermin entry into your living space – and who wants that? Let the experts at Standard show you how crawl space insulation can make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

When you choose to work with Standard, we’ll come to your home, perform a whole house energy audit, and show you exactly how better insulation will help you save energy and money on your utility bills. We’ll explain to you how insulating your crawl space with spray foam insulation can help your home stay warmer and keep the unwanted elements out. That’s because foam insulation expands when it is installed, filling in all the crevices that have been allowing air, moisture and vermin entry.

The fluid spray polyurethane foam is created when its two liquid components are combined on the jobsite by our expert Standard technician using special mixing equipment. Once the two parts are merged, the product expands into a flowing foam and is sprayed through heated hoses into the targeted crawl space areas needing to be filled. The proper mixing and application of spray foam isn’t easy, so it’s definitely a job best left up to our professionals to make sure it is done right and with the least mess — ending up right where it will do you the most good.

The crawl space cavities are filled easily as the spray foam flows naturally into all the nooks and crannies, eliminating any potential openings that will cause drafts and possibly welcome unwanted guests. Polyurethane spray foam is water resistant, so it will protect the crawl space from water damage and help prevent condensation problems that can be the breeding ground for health-threatening mold and mildew. The foam’s fluid nature offers the best protection from air leakage of all types of insulations, and the compact consistency boasts the highest R-value available per inch, giving you the greatest energy efficiency possible.

When you insulate your crawl space with spray foam insulation, you’ll receive the following benefits for your Syracuse, NY home:

  • Highest R-Value available
  • Draft elimination
  • Energy savings
  • Defense against conditions causing condensation and mold
  • Added level of strength to your build
  • Protection from interior and exterior water

If your heating bills are high, yet you’re floors are still cool, the chances are pretty good that you need to insulate your crawl space. To find out more about blown-in insulation and how Standard can help, call us toll-free at 1-(800) 738-1424 and schedule a FREE home energy audit.

We install these types of home insulation in Syracuse, NY, depending on your specific home-style and situation: