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Update: If you’re currently out of work, know that you may now qualify.

With the recent lay-off’s more people now qualify for free insulation under the Empower NY program. Contact us right away to see if you qualify for this benefit. It’s something we can do right now to help Central New York homeowners a little through their current situation.


“I’m still in shock over not having to pay for anything.

Received $6000 in free home upgrades through the EmPower program

“I think there’s a lot of people out there that qualify for the EmPower program, but they don’t even know about it. This program is out there for people that need it. They (Standard Insulating) are good people, that have nice people working for them that are courteous and kind and they treat you with respect when they come out to your home.”

–  Ethel Jackson of Utica, N.Y. | Standard Insulating customer

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    Find out if you qualify for FREE insulation

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    Improve Your Home for Free – Whether You Rent or Own

    EmPower New York provides free energy efficiency solutions for income-eligible New Yorkers.  Without spending a dime, you’ll:

    • Lower your energy bills
    • Save money—to spend on what matters most to you
    • Live in a healthier, more comfortable home
    • Enjoy greater peace of mind

    If you even think you might qualify, call Standard Insulating. In as little as a month, you could have all the upgrades you’re entitled to – free. If you require additional information, including income eligibility guidelines, please contact us today by completing our form or calling (800) 738-1424.

    30,000 area homeowners qualify for the current EmPower Income Guidelines

    Use the chart below to find out if you qualify based on your household size. Do you qualify for programs like HEAP or SNAP? If so, you likely qualify. This program includes FREE energy and money-saving improvements like:

    • FREE Insulation
    • FREE Air Sealing
    • FREE Energy-Efficient Lighting
    • FREE New Refrigerator & More!

    If your home is freezing in the winter and hot in the summer, or if you’re having trouble paying your utility bills, there’s help available through Standard Insulating, a participating contractor in the EmPower New York program.

    Household Size Maximum Annual Income
    1 $29,928
    2 $39,144
    3 $48,360
    4 $57,564
    5 $66,780
    6 $75,984


    If your income is above the maximum qualification guideline for EmPower you likely qualify for programs that can pay for up to half the cost of the work.  (92% of area homeowners qualify this year!)



    Standard Insulating is also pleased to provide homeowners with HVAC services. Through the EmPower program, we can help meet your cooling and heating needs for much less. You may be eligible for a new heating or cooling system for as low as $1,500, or for some, FREE! Learn more about the HVAC services we offer:

    Please contact us today for more information by calling (800) 738-1424.

    To be eligible for services through EmPower, you must be a homeowner or renter living in a building with 100 units or less, be a customer of a participating utility or heat with oil, and have a household income that is at or below 60% of the State Median Income (SMI). If you are HEAP or SNAP eligible, you may be eligible for EmPower New York.