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Heating in Central New York

The cold winter months in Central New York mean you need heating you can rely on. You’ve trusted Standard with your home insulation needs, but did you know we’re now offering heating installations as well? We are pleased to offer quality heating equipment, so you can keep your home safely and comfortably heated all winter…

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Standard is Here to Help

These are difficult times – at Standard we’re here to help. We’re listed as a NYS “essential business” and we follow all CDC guidelines for safety in your home. You are important to us, and we want to assure you we’re doing everything we can to make sure our customers and our employees are safe…

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How to Choose a Reliable Spray Foam Insulation Contractor for Your Utica, NY Home

Have you been experiencing chilly conditions in your home in the winter, sweltering heat in the summer, uncomfortable drafts and exorbitant utility bills? Then chances are, your home isn’t as well-insulated as it should be. You may be considering having your home insulated, but you might be unsure of the right materials to use, and…

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Save Energy & Feel More Comfortable in Your Utica, NY Home with Spray Foam Insulation

Does your Utica, NY home feel drafty and chilly in the winter, and hot and uncomfortable in the summer? In spite of your discomfort, are your utility bills constantly high? Then it might be time for you to consider improving your home’s insulation. If you’re in the process of renovating an older home, spray foam…

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“I was Impressed! Mr. Homer is a super guy! You guys are super! There was comfort from when I called first til the very end! Everything was perfect!” Mr. Coppola of Frankfort, NY

Very Satisfied

Mrs. Fanelli called our office to say she was very satisfied with the work she had done.  She also said she was very impressed with our installers Matt and Chris.  They were very professional and did a good job!

Are you tripping over your own sidewalk?

Did you know that you are responsible for the sidewalk in front of your home?  If someone hurts themselves on your sidewalk you can be held liable.  If your sidewalk and/or pavement is uneven we have a solution for you!  Concrete Lifting!  This process is more cost effective and can be done in less time…

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Very Impressed

“We are very impressed with the work done.  The workers were very professional through out the day.  All work was as specified and our attic now has a R50 rating.  We would be happy to recommend Standard.” Otto & Barbara Butz of Maryland, NY

R-Values 101

If your thoughts in the fall turn to trying to find ways to save on your heating bills during the winter months, you’ve probably looked into the possibility of adding more insulation. And then you were likely confronted by a confusing set of numbers called an “R-value.” At Standard. we feel that pain, and are…

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Temperature Extremes

They say there’s not much you can do about the weather. We at Standard disagree, because we have some expert advice on how to turn your own domain into a sanctuary keeping you safe and removed from the elements. The weather in New York has been crazy recently, with extreme changes of unseasonable highs and…

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Commercial Ventures

Anything good on TV tonight? You’ll want to pay less attention to the show and more attention to the commercials as the new Standard ads appear – they might even prompt you to save some money if you follow their advice. Watch for the new television spots between segments of your favorite shows, and listen…

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Saving With Spray Foam

There might never be a better time to consider the insulation and savings value of spray foam. The energy savings from a layer of good insulation might be enough to motivate you, but now you can even save up to 50 percent of the cost of the project thanks to the Assisted Home Performance with…

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Attacking The Attic

Everyone knows hot air rises, so obviously one of the best places to save money on your home’s heating bills is by making sure you have the best possible attic insulation for both your location and your situation. Proper insulation will then also help keep the cool in and heat out during the summer months,…

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‘R’ Is For R-Value

What is a pirate’s favorite letter? ‘Arrrr!’ of course. When it comes to choosing the insulation for your home that will maximize both your personal comfort as well as your energy bill savings, ‘R’ is also the most important factor. An insulation’s R-value is the designation of its insulating power, and the higher the R-value…

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Do I Need A Vapor Barrier?

Vapor barriers are designed to prevent moisture transfer via diffusion. Because 99% of moisture transfer, in homes is from air-leakage and only 1% is from diffusion, it is more important to have an “air-barrier” instead of  a “vapor barrier”, which was designed for moisture transfer from diffusion.  Closed cell foam and soft foam provide a…

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Spring Into Savings

The cold of the winter months might be over, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to think about your insulation any more just because it’s getting warmer. That same home insulation helping keep you warm during the chill of the winter will also keep you cooler in the summer heat, so there’s never a…

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